Nocturnal Nomads

A journey through day and night

In a curious world, an armadillo rolled, leaving everyone puzzled, "Where's it bound? When will it rest? What's its story?" Its journey, a quirky tale, unfolded with each roll, promising a whimsical adventure of laughter and wonder.

Made using GSAP

In a desert bathed in the warm hues of sunset, a female sandcat gazes with curious eyes, her fur aglow like the fading embers of day. Her enigmatic presence promises a mystical journey, a dance of twilight and secrets, leaving you captivated by the mysteries of the setting sun.

Made using CSS Spritesheet

In the velvety night, a curious owl perches, its eyes wide with moonlit wonder. A mysterious rendezvous unfolds, where moonlight and feathers conspire to unveil the secrets of the nocturnal world.

Made using JS setinterval()

As the sun rises, a trotting coyote embarks on another adventure, its silhouette painted in the dawn's early light. With each step, the promise of a new day beckons, and the adventure begins afresh in the warm embrace of morning's first light.

Made using CSS Spritesheet